do re mi Day Nursery Age Groups

do re mi babies (0-2's)

We have a dedicated 6-place room for children of this age. Our Room Lead, a Senior Nursery Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience of working with this age, will ensure that the routines you have in place at home are followed within nursery. Daily activities follow your child's interests and schematic play with learning structured around The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Stimulating and creative activities are provided which promote learning in the three prime areas of development: Personal, Social and Emotional; Physical, and Communication and Language. Children take part in lots of sensory activities, messy play and treasure basket experiences. Once children are mobile, we respond to their needs and look for opportunities to integrate them where appropriate in [the larger room] for certain activities; whilst still retaining the security of returning to their home base. Flexibility is key in enabling us to respond to the needs of your child; which is why there is not a set age at which children 'move up'.


Exploration and curiosity are fundamental for our 2-3's. We want every day to be a 'discovery day'. Through a mix of self-initiated play and adult-led interaction children are able to inquire and engage with activities that promote learning and development in a creative, fun and 'hands on' way. Again, practitioners respond to the needs and interests of the individual child to determine next learning steps and subsequent activities.


Our pre-school children continue to learn in the way that was started in 2-3's; following the EYFS to expand and enhance knowledge, skills for life and schematic play. In addition, there is also a focus on ensuring your child is ready for school when they leave us. A daily routine which includes snack, group times and time with their key person, helps to build the necessary relationships which allow your child to feel safe and secure and increase positive learning dispositions. Appropriate boundaries are in place to ensure each child feels safe and their voices are heard. In addition, children are offered focused activities based around their interests which incorporates 'hidden curriculum' such as letters and sounds and mathematics. In this way they are learning unconsciously, sowing seeds in preparation for their time at school. The balance of child-initiated learning, and adult-led activities, based around the individual child's needs, ensures all areas of development set out in The Early Years Foundation Stage are met.

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