Our Curriculum

As all other nurseries, we follow the mandatory Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. What is significant is how this is interpreted, and how practitioners structure the learning experiences they provide. We work hard to deliver the requirements through a child-centred, creative approach to learning. When opportunities present themselves for delivering objectives through a musical approach, these will be utilised, but a broad and balanced learning experience will be provided within a positive learning environment.

We favour a creative approach to the delivery of EYFS where learning through play; discovery and hands-on experience is crucial. Our practitioners' are strongly encouraged to look for quirky approaches in delivering the ordinary; to think differently in order to make the nursery an exciting place to be. The use of open ended resources which spark children's imagination and 'possibility thinking' together with the support and scaffolding from experienced staff, enable children to learn and discover things for themselves.

As well as a musical approach (where appropriate), dancing, art, craft, messy play, sensory experiences, creative play, treasure baskets, role play, outdoor play, loose parts play, gardening and forest school activities are all recognised as important to develop the well-rounded child and have a place in our nursery.

We aim to provide plentiful and varied opportunities and experiences for all our children, many of which arise impromptu in response to something that happens on the day. If an elephant walks past the window, we don't stick to our original plans... our day becomes about the elephant!

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