Our Facilities

Small and homely, do re mi is homed in a timber framed building with solar panels on the roof on a little business park surrounded by a hairdressers, café, restaurant, fitness centre, physiotherapist and solicitors. Inside we have a dedicated room for our babies, and two large rooms for our 2's and 3-4's. There are folding doors in the middle of these which give great flexibility and allow for the space to be opened up for a variety of play activities and tasks, as the space can be organised in numerous different ways, and for different age groups.

Our facilities are two years old. We have a kitchen on site and cook yummy home-made meals for the children each day (Rated the highest mark, a ‘5' by Food Hygiene) in line with early years nutritional guidance.

We have a breadth of natural resources and toys to excite and engage your child in creative and sensory play. However, we believe it is what the children do with these, and how the practitioners guide use of these that is of central importance – not the resources themselves.

Our indoor and outdoor areas are organised to provide areas for play and exploration, including: Story corner, cosy corner, maths, malleable, ICT, art and design, mark-making, writing, construction, music, home corner and role play. These areas are often multi-purpose or flexible.

Outdoor area

Immediately outside the nursery we have an all-weather astro surface which allows outdoor play every day of the year come rain or shine (although we do teach the children to dress appropriately for the weather and waterproofs are provided). We have a mounded grass area that allows for 'risky play' activities and other learning opportunities; a mud kitchen, sand play area and raised beds which the children can grow their own plants and vegetables in. This area also provides opportunity to dig for worms and learn about mini-beasts and other insects and creatures in their natural environment. Our main approach for our outdoor area is a space where open-ended creative play and learning can take place, rather than using fixed play equipment and resources that can limit imagination and play.

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