The do re mi Story

Do re mi was established in 2013 by Jane Todd. Jane was a primary school teacher for 12 years, teaching in local state and private schools. Alongside a teaching role, Jane had a management role and spent a term as 'Acting Head' at a Prep school before leaving to start do re mi.

Jane graduated from Durham University with a first class honours degree in education, a Masters degree with distinction in educational policy, and most recently in 2012 with a Doctorate in Education.

Alongside her time in the classroom and her academic study, Jane is also a mother to two young boys. When the eldest was born in November 2012, Jane was fascinated by the difference music made to his early development. It was whilst Jane was on maternity leave that Jane’s dream of do re mi started to become a reality. Jane's understanding and recognition of the importance of music for all children drove her to develop a way for more children to be able to benefit from her educational and musical knowledge and experience.

Jane started do re mi music classes for 0-5's in September 2013. However, as a working mother herself, Jane appreciated that not all parents could attend such classes with their little ones, yet still wished their children to benefit from such an approach. That is why do re mi Day Nursery was developed. Do re mi is thought to be Britain’s first nursery founded on a musical approach. Jane has been interviewed by both 'Nursery World' and 'Teach Nursery' publications on her unique approach and the benefits it has in children’s formative years.

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