Our Team

Although Ofsted only require 50% of staff to hold a Level 3 childcare qualification, at do re mi we pride ourselves on all our staff holding at least a level 3 childcare qualification. Both our Director and Assistant Manager are qualified to Level 6 with Jane being a qualified Teacher and Louise holding EYP status (Early Years Professional, equivalent to Early Years Teacher). However, we believe that it is more than qualifications which ensure your child receives the best care and nurture. We value staff who are experienced, really engage with the children, 'think outside the box' when planning activities for them; are passionate, enthusiastic, and really demonstrate their love and care for each child. Our management team is complemented by Anne, a very experienced Senior Practitioner who leads our Baby Room as well as regularly overseeing operations across the nursery.

When employing staff, as well as using her professional judgement, decisions are also informed by the high standards that Jane has as a 'mum' whose sons are part of the nursery, and for whom she wants to give the very best.

do re mi staff

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